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The Benefits of Charging Your Electric Car With Solar Power

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Solar charging cars of different types have come and gone over the decades and are now bigger than ever in the automobile industry. Following decades of innovation, the technology is now affordable and accessible to the mainstream. If you have one, or plan to get one, the ability to charge at home with solar carport services can benefit you in several ways.

  • A solar charging car with solar power will save you money

  • Letting your car charge overnight saves you time

  • Using solar energy to power your car can help save our environment

The time has never been better to switch to solar energy for your electric car’s charging needs. It’s how many are saving, time, money, and our planet.

charging electric car with solar power

A Brief History of Electric Cars and Solar Charging

Despite its modern prominence, electric cars have existed in one form or another for over 100 years. It had moments of popularity but never maintained traction, until now.

The technology was expensive and needed to make the necessary advancements before becoming mainstream. In the past electric vehicles were more expensive than their competitors and often fell behind. Now, the technology is accessible enough for use in both affordable and luxury vehicles.

In 2000 Toyota spraked a modern resurgence of electric interest with the introduction of the Prius which was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. Now Tesla has taken the world by storm with their all-electric cars and have become the most popular luxury car brand.

Electric cars are the future of the industry. Fossil fuels are expensive and harmful to the environment, sourcing energy from solar power services is becoming a new standard. In the coming years car companies like GM and Volvo will sell exclusively electric cars and abandon the internal combustion engine currently powering most cars.

A significant part of the electric car’s future dominance in the industry is the free energy sourced from solar canopy services.

Save Money By Charging With Solar Energy Services

For years people around the world have been utilizing home solar services like rooftop solar panels to produce free and clean electricity for their homes. Solar carport services for charging your vehicle offers the same benefits that traditional home solar panels provide, particularly the savings.

As the technology has become more advanced and accessible, the cost of manufacturing has decreased, and as a result the cost of the cars have decreased as well. On average, even when paying more for solar charging car over a gas fueled one, the savings still far exceed the initial price difference.

Many solar charging car owners are missing out on potential savings when they charge their car without solar power. One of the main selling points for electric cars is the potential savings from not having to pay to refuel. However, when you charge through a non-solar powered home, that cost appears on your electric bill instead. Solar canopy services are the best way to capitalize on your potential savings by producing the energy your car needs yourself.

One of the most significant benefits of renewable energy like solar power is the savings. The upfront cost of solar panel installation replaces the expenses of gas. According to Insider, the average car owner in most states spends anywhere from $700 up to $1,300 annually on gas. The only exceptions being densely populated urban states like New York and Rhode Island.

Charging your car with solar power means maximizing your saving potential, completely cutting out the expenses of gas or increased electric bills.

Save Plenty of Time

One of the biggest issues electric cars have faced in the past is the amount of time it takes to fully charge. The charging abilities of electric cars and their solar systems have increased substantially over the years. Now with solar carport services, your car can be charged in the time it takes to eat dinner and watch a movie.

The typical home isn’t designed to accommodate charging a car and has outlets that can only output a relatively low power level. The standard wall outlet maxes out at 120 volts, which would take your car roughly 12 hours to charge for a 100 miles worth of driving. This is obviously not good enough for anyone that has to drive to and from work and has other activities in the day.

Solar canopy services for car charging solve this issue as they are designed specially for charging cars and are able to produce and output the high energy levels needed for efficient car charging. This can shorten the charging time significantly, making it around 3 hours to reach the same charge level.

Solar carport services are the most efficient way to charge electric vehicles. They are designed to handle the power that your home isn’t built for, significantly reducing charge times.

solar panel services on roof

Protect The Environment

Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the leading factors of pollution to our environment. Electric cars are a step in the direction of cutting down this contributing source of emissions. Solar powered charging is the next significant leap in reducing your emissions completely.

Owning and using an electric car is not the end of the line when cutting your emissions output. If you charge by connecting to a power grid, you are still using energy produced by means that pollute. When you charge your vehicle using your own source of solar energy, you eliminate the emissions created by your transportation needs completely.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gases in the United States, accounting for 29% of emissions. Road vehicles ranging from personal cars to heavy-duty trucks make up 82% of that one their own.

The transportation sector is the one in the greatest need of becoming greener. Going electric is part of helping to reduce emissions; charging with free and clean solar energy is how to ensure you’re contributing to a safer world.

Solar Power is What Your Car Needs

The use of electric cars is becoming more popular every day, and soon many companies will be producing them exclusively. Being able to efficiently charge your car for free and have a positive impact on the environment is just the thing to make the switch, or ownership, even better.

When you implement solar carport services for your electric car you can save thousands of dollars by ditching the gas or electric bills. It also far exceeds the charging capabilities of a non-solar setup, saving you time. And with the added benefit of being able to completely eliminate your greenhouse gas emissions from driving, solar charging is the best option for electric cars.

Planet Solar Has The Industry-Leading Solar Technology For You

Want to know more about how solar power services can improve your life? Learn more on our solar financing rates and see what services we provide. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 859 - 7652 or fill out a form here.

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