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About Us

Solar Panels

Planet Solar: Powering a Brighter Tomorrow Since 2007

Planet Solar Inc stands as a leading solar enterprise at the forefront of renewable energy solutions. Headquartered in Clovis, CA, our operations extend across the Fresno/Central Valley and Palm Desert/Coachella Valley for residential and new home solar installations, while our impact reaches statewide in California for commercial installations. Our expertise lies in a diverse array of services encompassing residential solar installs, new home solar installs, commercial solar installs, as well as battery storage and backup systems.

Planet Solar operates as a fully integrated company, boasting in-house capabilities spanning sales, design, engineering, installations, and service. As an authorized dealer for renowned brands such as SolarEdge, Enphase, Tesla, LG, REC, and Q Cells, we ensure top-tier quality and reliability in our offerings.

At Planet Solar, we go beyond mere solar installation.














In 2007, Planet Solar emerged onto the renewable energy landscape with a vision to revolutionize energy consumption. With a steadfast commitment to sustainable solutions, the company initially focused on solar installations, catering to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients seeking efficient energy alternatives.

From its humble beginnings, Planet Solar has been a pioneer in the adoption of solar technology, dedicating its expertise to not only traditional residential applications but also expanding its services to encompass new home constructions and commercial establishments. The company's dedication to innovation and quality swiftly earned it a reputation as a go-to provider for solar solutions across California.

Recognizing the growing demand for efficient energy storage systems, Planet Solar diversified its offerings, delving into battery backup and storage solutions. This expansion allowed the company to offer comprehensive, resilient energy systems that meet the dynamic needs of its diverse clientele.

Under the visionary leadership of Dennis Cox, who assumed ownership and the role of CEO in 2021, Planet Solar entered a new era of expansion and innovation. His leadership has steered the company towards greater heights, with two strategically located offices in California, situated in Fresno and Palm Desert.

The Fresno and Palm Desert offices serve as hubs for excellence, allowing Planet Solar to offer localized and personalized services to a wider client base. These offices not only reinforce the company's commitment to its clients but also signify its strategic approach to providing sustainable energy solutions across various regions in California.

Throughout its journey, Planet Solar has remained steadfast in its mission to provide top-tier solar installations and advanced battery backup and storage systems. The company's unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a leader in the solar energy industry.

With a proud history spanning over a decade and a half, Planet Solar continues to illuminate the path towards a greener, more sustainable future for both residential and commercial energy consumers across California. As it looks toward the future, the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology and serving as a beacon of environmental responsibility and innovation.

At Planet Solar, we go beyond mere solar installation. We position ourselves as your committed sustainable energy partner, dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled expertise, and an unwavering dedication to environmental preservation. With a strong foundation deeply rooted in the Golden State, we are committed to providing Californians with affordable, reliable, and environmentally conscious energy solutions, powering a brighter, greener future, one panel at a time.

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