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Finance Your Solar

Get Free Solar Power and Payments Less Than Your Current Electric Bill 

Which Solar Finance Program Works Best for You

No Other Company Offers Better Financing - Period

Lowest Cost Solar Loans

  • $0 Down and No Prepayment Penalty 

  • Receive $1,000s back with the Federal Solar Tax Credit - our average client receives over $6,000 back on their taxes!

  • Finance Options that include:

    • Interest rates as low as 1.99% APR

    • 12, 15, 20 & 25 year Terms

Flexible Payment Planning

What are Your Best Options for Going Solar?

First, let us make clear that the best way to Go Solar is to purchase it outright.  Cash is always king, and with a return on Investment usually above 20%, there is no better investment.  That being said, financing can be a great option, and we keep it hassle free. Nearly every bank now has solar loans, and the interest rates can be exceptional.  For instance, the Educational Employees Credit Union has a solar loan with no loan fees and 4.49% APR.  You can also contact your own bank to obtain your own financing. Check with your local bank to see what rates they can offer.

Solar Loans

Imagine not spending a penny out of your pocket with $0 down, saving $1,000s per year on your electric bill, and getting an average of $6,000 back on your taxes. There's nothing to lose, and it's what we do every day.  In fact, our average customer receives a tax credit of $6,240, having spent no money out of pocket.  With our solar loan, there are no pre-payment penalties and YOU keep the tax credit. You'll trade an electric bill for a loan payment that will be 20-40% less, BUT then one day you'll pay off the loan and own your electricity. No money out of pocket, and $1,000s back from the IRS....Going Solar makes great financial sense.

How Solar Loans Work

 We all know that the banks are going to make their

money one way or another.  They either charge high

interest rates, or have loan fees,  without exception.  If

you hear anything different, then that company is just

adding the fees to their price and not telling you about

it.   At Planet Solar, we know our customers are informed

and intelligent, so we believe in being totally transparent

and giving our customers all the information, with the

best programs in the US,  and letting YOU choose what is best for you.     

There are multiple 'levers' or factors that allow you to tailor a loan that is best for you:  Interest rate, length of term, the amount of down payment you want or don't want to make, your credit score, deferred payments, and frequency of payment.   You can choose one or more of those options, but not all of them.  For instance, if your priority is saving the most money right now or don't want your credit checked, then our PACE* loan with no payments for 12-18 months is best, but the interest rate is about 6.5%.  If you want a short term or the lowest interest rate, then our 12yr / 2.99% APR loan is your best bet.  And for low monthly payments our 20yr / 4.99% APR loan is one of the lowest monthly payment loans in solar today.  Our loan products change frequently, so call one of our friendly solar consultants today for a free solar quote to determine which solar financing rates are best for you.


Image by Scott Graham
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