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Commercial Solar Power

Adding Directly to Your Bottom Line

Benefits of Going Solar

  • 1. You’re helping the environment: Solar power is environmentally friendly and helps slow climate change. It offers low carbon emissions, and is better for the planet than gas and coal sources.
    2. You’re saving money: The system installation is expensive up front, but the reduced cost of energy makes the switch worthwhile over the long haul.
    3. You’re energy independent: Solar power lowers your dependence on the electricity grid. So long as there is sunlight, your home has what it needs to stay powered, no matter what happens to public utilities.

A solar installation from Planet Solar is one of the best investments you can make for your business, and the government wants to pay for about half of it!  Reduce or eliminate your electric bill saving you many thousands every year, and you'll protect yourself against the ever rising electricity rates.  With the government solar incentive added to your savings, a solar installation usually pays for itself in about three years. You'll set yourself apart with a huge competitive advantage over your competition.


From the government affordable housing project, to military bases, apartment complexes, hotels, and corner gas stations - businesses large and small are saving millions of dollars using systems installed by Planet Solar

Solar - Your Competitive Strategy

When you add solar to your business, you gain an advantage over

your competition. Whether your electric bill is $3,000 or $3,00,000

per year, every dollar you save goes directly to your bottom line. 

We have solutions for every business scenario.



All commercial solar installations qualify for federal and state tax credits and

other incentives, paying for about 50% of the cost of your system (depending on

your business structure). With the government subsidizing your solar system, and

with all the money you'll save on electricity bills, we often see the systems pay for themselves in 3 years or less.  If you don't have the tax liability, or prefer to retain capital for operating expenses, Planet Solar can provide a commercial solar loan in which you pay $0.00 for the solar and make payments that are normally about 50% lower than your current electric bill. Either way, there is no better investment that you can make in your business than by Going Solar. 

The Government Incentives:

  • 26% Investment Tax Credit.  It can be taken all in the first year, or carried forward as many as 3 years. 

  • 100% MACRS (Modified Accelerated Capital Recovery System) Depreciation. Write off the entire system over 5 years.

  • Bonus Depreciation. A special 'shot in the arm' for businesses.  Instead of 5 years, you are allowed to use the MACRS Depreciation to write off 100% of a new solar system for your business in the first year!

All business qualify for the above incentives, including single-family homes if they are used as rentals.  Even the portion of your home that you may use for a home office  can qualify for the write-offs listed above.  


Some of the Best Industries for Going Solar are:

  • Motels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Tech

  • Schools

  • Government Buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Farms

  • Car Dealerships

  • Convenience Stores and gas stations

  • Any business that has high electricity usage, and ample roof or parking area to install solar panels.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings (C&I)

There are literally thousands of dollars landing on your roof every day in the form of sunshine - Capture Yours!  Large unshaded roofs are the perfect location to install solar panels.  If you don't have enough roof area, solar carports are a great solution too, providing shaded parking for your customers and employees.  Planet Solar has installed acres and acres of carport solar structures. No matter what type of business you own, Planet Solar has a solution for you. 

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Agricultural Solar made Simple

Your farm takes your hard work, sunshine and water, and feeds the world, but pumping that water is crazy expensive.  We will take your power bills and design a system that is perfect for you and your farm.  We will show you all the options the solar industry has to offer, including $0 down payment programs that can reduce your power bill by up to 60%.  Then we will monitor your solar system for life, to make sure you are getting the maximum power potential from your system for decades to come.

Apartment Complexes - Affordable Housing and Open Market 

Add additional revenue from your roof!  Imagine you becoming the power company, and collecting the revenue from your tenant's electric bill using Free Power from the Sun.  Planet Solar has created programs like this for thousands of units across California.  Also, more and more tenants are looking to live more sustainably, and apartments powered by solar have lower vacancy rates and ecru higher rent at an average of $86 per month, per unit than an equivalent non-solar apartment.  Give your tenants what they want: clean, green solar power. 


If you have a 'master-metered' property like a senior center or residency building where you pay for power, you can't afford not to Go Solar.  Add in the Federal Solar Incentives, your ROI will likely be over 40%!


For Affordable Housing complexes, we are one of very few solar installers authorized as a SOMAH Installer (Solar On Multi-family Affordable Housing).  This is an exciting $1Billion program to provide solar power on deed-restricted affordable housing projects for pennies.  Give us a call so we can explain the program and see if you qualify, most subsidized projects do.

 Solar starts saving you money immediately. The typical business enjoys an ROI from Going Solar of over 40%, and that return is guaranteed! Don’t you wish all your business decisions were guaranteed?

AFFORDABLE HOUSING - The new SOMAH program can pay for nearly 100% of

your solar system!  The state of California has funded $1Billion over 10 years for solar

installations on affordable housing projects.  Each year the program reduces the

percentage of  the subsidy, but it is an amazing program.  Planet Solar is an

authorized SOMAH contractor, and will be happy to show you how to get free or

very inexpensive solar for your existing affordable housing project



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