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Our Solar Panel Services

Best Equipment for the Best Price

Solar Panel Services

As one of the oldest solar installers in America, we offer professional solar panel services for your home, business, non-profit or agricultural solar needs. We support a variety of systems including PV systems, solar maintenance, solar installation, and more! From one of the largest government affordable housing project in America to the corner gas station - businesses large and small are saving millions of dollars using systems installed by Planet Solar.

Solar Panel Installation

We have one mission here at Planet Solar - to provide you the best equipment,

with the best workmanship and financing, for the lowest price - period! 

A well-designed and installed solar system will last for 50+ years, so make

sure you choose the best equipment to enjoy generations of worry free,

virtually maintenance free Power from the Sun.

Solar Panel Maintenance

We can ensure your solar panel installation performs optimally, and can provide you plenty of power throughout the years. We offer system monitoring, preventative PV system maintenance, diagnosing tools and more.


You've probably heard that you need to keep solar panels clean, or the solar production will drop drastically.  While it is true that you will lose as much as 30% of your productions from solar if the panels are filthy, in most cases if you never clean them you will lose about 15-25%.  So yes, keep your panels clean.  In California, it rains in winter, which both helps clean your panels and keep the air less dusty.  We recommend cleaning your panels every two months in June, August, and October.  Before and after those months, the panels are clean enough from the rains.  And anyone can clean panels, they are just like cleaning windows - a little soft water and scrub off the 'baked on' dirt, and they will work as good as new.

However, you do NOT have to pay a monthly service fee, or lots of money every few months to have the panels cleaned.  We recommend one of the devices you can buy for cleaning 2nd story windows, found at hardware stores or online.  It is super easy on most first story homes, and easy enough from a ladder if your panels are on a 2nd story roof.  Connect the device to a water hose, turn on the water, and simply spray them down.  Most solar installations take less than 15 minutes to clean, and will save you about $100 for each cleaning.  We do recommend that once every two years you scrub your panels to get the hardest 'baked-on' dirt off, like using a mop or similar device, to get the baked-on grime off.  If you don't like the idea of going onto your roof, then call a professional panel cleaning service out one every two years.

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Solar Panel Repair Services

While it's true that a quality solar installation will provide you years of trouble-free service, even the best solar systems will eventually need service.  The solar panels will almost never fail, as there are no moving parts or complicated electronics.  However, the inverters (which convert the solar DC power to AC power you use in your home) are the 'brains' of a solar installation, and without doubt one day will need repair or replacing.  Planet Solar has actually been in business long enough to have inverters that have lasted longer than their warranties, and 95% of them are still going strong. But with the 1,000s of projects we've installed over the past 14 years, we have to repair or replace about 50 inverters per year.  If it is under warranty, of course it's free of charge.  But since about 80% of solar companies fail within 2 years, we receive several calls each month from people who had another company install their solar that has since gone out of business, or installed by an out of town company that won't send a solar repair service tech over to fix their system.  Each day your system is not working properly, is a day that is costing you money.  If there is only one recommendation we can make to you, it is to make sure you use a LOCAL, reputable solar installer.  And ALWAYS check their reviews from Google, Yelp, EnergySage, and Solar Reviews. Check out our residential solar financing page for more.

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