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Installing Residential Solar Panels: What You Need to Know and Understand

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Your Current Roofs Condition

Installing solar panels is easy, however you will need to ensure that the material of your roof is in good condition. Here, we give you a guide on how to install residential solar panels.

Fix any roof leaks, determine the age of your roof, the overall shape, and have a solar technician such as Planet Solar come and take a look at your roof's condition. This will allow for you to have a successful solar panel installation and will save you the most money overtime.

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Direction of your Roof

Getting sunshine throughout the year is definitely the main driving factor when it comes to making the most of solar panels.

You will want to ensure that your roof is angled, facing towards the sun. If your roof currently does not face the sun, the solar panels will not be able to allow the light needed to provide energy to your home.

Be sure that your house is facing southward which will produce you the most energy throughout the day.

The Overall Shape of your Roof

The shape of your roof is not something that can always control, let alone think about. We recommend a gable roof that allows for a simple solar panel installation, however other roof types can work as well.

Simply give us a call at (800) 859-SOLAR or fill out our contact us form today. We typically work with Metal, Composition shingle and the overall surface as well.

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