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Finding The Best Solar Panel

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The solar power industry is constantly evolving and improving upon the already groundbreaking technology. The industry is currently witnessing another breakthrough, setting itself far beyond the solar power services available in the past 15 years.

LG Electronics became a household brand name through 75 years of excellence and innovation in their industry. The work at LG is now setting new benchmarks of quality in the solar power market with their powerful new line of solar panels.

Here at Planet Solar, we are proud to go beyond the industry standard and offer these panels, that other companies have yet to utilize, as part of our solar panel services. Why settle for the standard when excellence is an option?

What Makes The LG Panel The Best?

The panel models that most solar power companies use are the industry standard. What they don't tell you is that the industry standard is subpar.

The technology they sell isn't optimized for the maximum potential output of energy. Meaning, it isn't performing and saving you the amount of energy it can. The issue lies in the pairing of the micro-inverter and the panel itself.

The standard panels on the market are capable of producing 350-400 watts of energy. The micro-inverters being used max out at 290 watts, restricting the energy output by up to 27%.

LG solar panels with micro inverters can handle the full potential power its panel can produce. For 50 years, LG has built micro-inverters and was able to crack the solar power industry issue.

The ramifications of this standard are significant for the consumer. They are paying for energy they aren't getting. When getting a solar panel system for home, they are likely paying to have more panels than necessary installed to make up for the lower energy output.

Those who earn money back from the solar power their system produces are being held back from potential earnings because of the restricted capabilities of their solar technology.

The technology LG has innovated means customers are getting more for their money. The groundbreaking panels are the best on the market. Planet Solar uses them to provide customers with the best quality solar energy services for home and commercial use.

Now is The Time To Go Solar

Home solar services have been an effective means of saving people money on their monthly bills for years. Now there is even more money to be saved with the LG panel producing more energy for you.

According to, you can be saving up to $2,400 a year, based on an average $150-$200 monthly energy bill, with the implementation of solar technology. That doesn't even include the added money you can earn back from your energy company if you produce more power than you use.

With the power of the LG panel, you can be saving more upfront by not needing as many panels as a standard setup would require. But the higher output means you can produce more energy than you need and get paid by your energy company instead of the other way around.

This groundbreaking technology that Planet Solar has makes it the perfect time to go solar. Get energy around the clock and never worry about a bill, and maybe even look forward to a paycheck for doing nothing.

Solar Power Provides Clean Energy

Aside from the money you can save and earn, implementing solar panel services can have significant positive impacts on the environment.

The vast majority of energy being used comes from production means that are harming the environment. Going solar can be your part in protecting our world from the horrors and harms of pollution.

The roots of solar energy as we know and use it today date back to France in 1839. Then a physicist named Edmond Becquerel first discovered the process of light-producing energy. Today Planet Solar and LG are at the front line of harnessing the sun's free energy to power the homes and businesses of people cleanly.

Sunlight provides a pollution-free means of powering our world. The days of pumping our air full of toxins to power a TV are going to be a thing of the past. The future of the energy industry is solar power.

The US Department of Energy says that "the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth's surface in an hour and a half is enough to handle the entire world's energy consumption for a full year."

The world's energy companies don't want you to convert to solar because it means less money in their pockets. The ability to control your energy consumption and production gives you freedom from monthly bills and helps the environment.

Solar Power is the Future

The latest from LG means your investment in clean energy will be worth it more than it ever has been. Because of the higher energy production ability of the LG panels, you will be saving more money at Planet Solar than any of the other industry leaders.

This technology is cutting edge, and Planet Solar is the only one providing it so far. We recognize the importance of this latest breakthrough and know how it can help our customers.

The time has never been better to make the switch to solar power. Making the switch will save you thousands of dollars, give you control over your energy costs, and make you part of the future of clean energy.

Planet Solar Has The Industry-Leading Solar Technology For You

Want to know more about how solar power services can improve your life? Learn more with Planet Solar and see what services we provide. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) 859 - 7652 or fill out the form linked below.

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