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Solar for Agriculture

Save Money, Increase Profits using Free Power from the Sun

AG Solar - Reduce Operational Costs and Increase Profits

  • Reduce or Eliminate Water Pumping Costs

  • Control Rising Electrical Rates

  • Save up to 50% with Tax Credits

  • Lower Overhead Expenses

  • Increase Profitability

  • Secure Your Operation for Future Generations

Pump Water Using Free Solar Energy

You already take sunshine, water, soil and a LOT of hard work, and turn it into food to feed the world.  Few people outside of ag have any idea how much it costs to pump the water needed to keep trees and vines alive and healthy. With California's frequent droughts, your annual water costs have never been higher.  Drastically reduce those costs by using that same sunshine growing your crops to power your operation and lower your enormous energy costs. 

Planet Solar has been leading the industry in ground mounted solar installations in rural areas for almost 15 years.  We understand the challenges like weird 240 Delta power from the grid, rocky soil, high dust areas, ag rates from the power company, and more.  We know how important it is to minimize the footprint of the solar array to keep as much land for your primary business - growing food. For a company that will take the time to listen to your solar goals and design a system that is perfect for your particular operation, call Planet Solar.

Cold-Storage, Packing Sheds, and other Facilities

These types of operations use tons of electricity, often times the highest expense of the entire operation.  By lowering or eliminating the electric bill, you can see your profits skyrocket in a way that will last for a lifetime (or longer). 

Solar panels are mounted on your roof or nearby on the ground, and thus they don't take up any extra space.  We usually install a non-penetrating installation method, so your insulation envelope is never compromised.  

The investment for solar has never been lower, and with the extension of the 26% Income Tax Credit and the ability to depreciate 100% of your system in the first year, along with possible government subsidies and USDA low-interest loans, it has never made more sense to Go Solar.  


Large battery systems are also available from companies like Tesla Energy and Sharp, that can power your facility during power outages.  But the most important advantage with a battery system is it can save you huge money by 'peak demand shaving'.   Your power bill has demand charges where the utility charges you to provide power to your facility, where you use the power or not.  All it takes is needed a big spike of power for one 15 minute period in an entire year, and you will pay for that amount of power being available to you for that year.  But if you have a battery system to flatten that spike, you can lower your monthly bill by thousands of dollars every month.  We often see battery systems on high power using customers pay for themselves in 3 or 4 years!

Finally, we can offer ag-specific Power Purchase Agreements that have little or no down payment, but will lower your effective cost per kWH by up to 40%.  Little to no money out of pocket and a 40% reduction in your energy costs - you can't afford NOT to call Planet Solar today!



"One of the best companies by far that I've had the pleasure to work with. Marilyn has been very helpful and very friendly. I highly recommend Planet Solar for all your electrical savings!!!


Great experience. Clean, prompt, honest. Did exactly what they said.


SKEPTIC. I was very skeptical of solar until I met with Marilyn, she was very professional and honest. The only salesperson that told me I couldn't have 100% coverage because of all the redwoods surrounding my house. I appreciated her honesty and that's why I chose her company. We've had no electric bill since the switch was turned on.