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La Quinta

Planet Solar in La Quinta

Brief History about La Quinta

La Quinta, which is Spanish for "The Fifth," is a beautiful city with breathtaking mountain views and world-class golf courses. It is a desert resort city in Riverside County, California. But La Quinta has an interesting history.


La Quinta is a city located on the floor of the Coachella Valley in California. The city is nearly surrounded by the Santa Rosa Mountains, which have shaped the landscape. The Coachella Valley was once covered by the Pacific Ocean, but the valley floor began to sink and was gradually filled with sediment and silt deposits from the nearby Colorado River. These deposits grew higher and wider over time, eventually cutting the basin off from the ocean while the surrounding mountains continued to grow taller.


This led to the Colorado River changing its course around 500 years ago, flooding the east Coachella Valley and creating a freshwater lake called Lake Cahuilla. There is evidence of this remarkable transformation because you can still see the water line from the ancient lake at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains.


La Quinta was originally inhabited by the Cahuilla Indians, who have lived in the region for thousands of years. The area was originally used for agriculture, with crops including citrus, exotic dates, melons, grapes, sweetcorn, Bermuda onions, and other vegetables. This was facilitated by irrigation methods between 1880 and 1920.


Development occurred in 1876 when the first scheduled trains began operating between Indio and Los Angeles. This helped farmers move their crops to metropolitan areas. Walter Morgan also established the La Quinta Resort to cater to Hollywood celebrities visiting the area. Later Harry Kiener purchased thousands of acres and built vacation homes. La Quinta was incorporated in 1982 thanks to its exponential population growth. It now boasts a population of 38,181, as per the 2021 census.


Things to Do in La Quinta

The Lake Cahuilla Veteran Regional Park is a peaceful 710-acre park that you can visit to take in the expansive lawn and picturesque mountain views. You can camp in one of the 96 campsites and enjoy fishing, horseback riding, or hiking on the trails nearby. The picnic tables and barbecues make this park ideal for hosting any special event.


You can also learn more about the native animals and local history from the Cahuilla homesteaders and ranchers at the La Quinta Museum. The museum has a community room that exhibits a 32-foot painting by Andre Blanche, books and unique artifacts by local artists.


There are several world-class golf courses, such as the Palm Royale Country Club, which is also a residential community, PGA WEST Pete Dye Mountain Course, PGA WEST Greg Norman Golf Course, PGA WEST Private Clubhouse & Golf Courses.


You can also enjoy a great hiking experience on various trails in La Quinta or borrow a book at the La Quinta Library. On the other hand, the Old Town La Quinta has great restaurants, ice cream parlors, spas, boutiques and farmers markets. You will also get to experience live music shows on weekends, art shows, and other seasonal events. There is also a 130-seat capacity theater where visitors and residents alike can enjoy performances and pre-show music.


La Quinta

Our Services in La Quinta

We are a solar contractor that prides itself in helping residents of La Quinta and the great Coachella Valley become energy independent. Homeowners in Coachella Valley can get a return on investment in just five years, unlike other areas that get a return on investment in approximately ten years. And, as you go green, you also get to increase your home's resale value should you want to sell someday.


At Planet Solar, we stand by the quality of our solar energy systems, which is why we offer a 12-year guarantee to you as a homeowner. We ensure that your solar energy system will produce the energy it's designed to produce yearly, or we'll compensate you for the difference. 


With 30 years in home improvement, technical fields, and energy conservation, you can trust us to analyze your home's energy consumption and advise you on the right solar panel, repair, and installation. We also install solar batteries so that you can always have a constant energy supply without worrying about power blackouts or relying on grid energy.


Our qualified solar professionals are always available whenever you have a solar power emergency and also offer maintenance and repairs. Our solar consultants are also available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our solar energy installation services in La Quinta, California!

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