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Planet Solar in Indio

A Brief History of Indio, CA

Did you know Indio is the most populous city in the Coachella Valley? Yes, Indio has a population of 89,137. Before Indio became this populous, it was the home of the Desert Cahuillas Indians. Then railroad construction in Indio began in 1873, opening this area to the outside world. The city also came about because there was the need for a halfway point where engines would be refilled with water. And Indio just happened to be the midpoint for Yuma, Arizona, and Los Angeles.


Among the first names given to the area was Indian Wells, but since another city had the name, the Spanish variation 'Indio" was chosen. The railroad construction made the city grow exponentially, with the first building being a depot station and hotel. In addition, residents in Indio started practicing agriculture by planting onions, citrus, cotton, and dates. They would irrigate their lands using water from the artesian wells and later using the All-American Canal.




Among the notable people that made Indio their home when the area was still underdeveloped were Dr. Harry Smiley and his wife, Nell. Also, A. G. Tingman helped shape Indio as he was among the first store owners and the first postmaster. Philanthropist and successful doctor June Robertson McCarrol is also among the notable pioneers in Indio.


During the 20th century, schools and hospitals were built, and Indio was advertised as a health resort for senior citizens, which helped boost the population from 2,500 in summer to 5,000 during winter. By 1930, Indio was thriving, and it was incorporated. Although Indio faced competition from emerging cities such as Palm Desert, La Quinta, and Coachella, the city remained active.

Things to Do in Indio, CA

Are you looking for the best golf courses in Indio? Well, Indio has several top-rated golf courses you can visit for golfing. You can enjoy a round of golf at different golf courses such as the Terra Lago North Course, the Indio Municipal Golf Course, the Lights at Indio Golf Course, Indian Palm Country Club, Heritage Palm Golf Club, and more. You can also attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an annual music and arts festival that attracts thousands of visitors worldwide. The festival features top artists and performers from various genres of music and art.


For a picturesque view of the landscape from the sky, you should make it a point to go on a hot air balloon ride and check out the Coachella Valley. You can also take your family to visit the Shields Date Garden, which is a popular attraction in Indio, known for its delicious date shakes and tours of the date groves. You can also decide to venture out of Indio and explore the Joshua Tree National Park for beautiful hiking trails, scenic drives, and stunning rock formations.


Indio also has several spas where you can go to relax and rejuvenate, including the Spa at the Indio Resort and the Spa at Fantasy Springs. If you love adrenaline games such as gambling, you can visit the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, which offers a wide range of gaming options, dining, and entertainment, including live music and comedy shows.


To learn more about Indio, visit the Coachella Valley History Museum so that you can learn more about farming, the Salton Sea, dates, foods, birds, early settlers, and much more.

Our Services in Indio

At Planet Solar, we're proud to offer the residents of Indio and the surrounding areas reliable, high-quality solar panel and home battery installation services to make them energy independent.


With over 30 years of helping residents of Indio be solar independent, we are very familiar with the right solar system for the residents in this area. When you partner with us, you will become energy and financially independent, get tax credits, and ensure environmental sustainability for future generations.


We also stand behind the quality and performance of our solar systems and the capabilities of our professional solar installers. That's why we offer homeowners who partner with us a 12-year production guarantee. This means that we'll make up the difference if your solar system doesn't produce the energy it's designed to produce each year. And better yet, you will see a return on your investment in as little as five years, which is significant compared to the national average of ten years!


Are you interested in increasing your home's resale value and energy efficiency? At Planet Solar, we are ready to answer your questions, work with you to analyze your home's situation and energy consumption, and install your solar system. Why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our solar services in Indio.

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